Ekklesia (Wednesday Nights)

Ekklesia (Wednesday Nights)

Ekklesia (Greek for “gathering”) is the mid-week Discipleship Ministry of First Presbyterian Church.

5:15 – Supper in Fellowship Hall
6:30 – Children and Youth Programs
6:45 – Adult Classes
7:30 – Dismissal/Chancel Choir

The Years Theme

“The Word of God”

Adult Classes

There are seven classes offered this year in three areas: Theology (TL), Bible (BIB), and Christian Living (CL)

Fall 2017

TL1 – Book Study: Taking God at His Word by Kevin DeYoung
Beginning September 6th
Lecture Hall A
“This is a brilliant, succinct, yet thorough study of the authority and sufficient of Scripture.  Clarity and passion are the distinguishing marks of Kevin DeYoung’s writing, and this may be his finest, most important work yet.” – John MacArthur  This class will use Rev. DeYoung’s book to discuss the attributes of Scripture; that it is Enough, Clear, Final, and Necessary.

BIB1 – Psalm 119
Beginning September 6th
The longest chapter in the Bible is an extended celebration of the beauty, necessity, and grace of God through His written Word.  It represents a goal for all Christians: to consider God’s Word our most precious resource, and therefore to seek God through His Word for our entire lives.

CL1 – Devoted: the Word in the Life of the Believer
Beginning November 1st
We believe that the Word of God is knowable and accessible to all believers, thus it is our responsibility to engage in it.  This course will discuss how we can better incorporate God’s Word into our lives as individuals and families.

January 2018

CL2 – Singing the Psalms – the Word in Worship
Beginning January 10
For thousands of years, God’s people have sung the words of the Psalms.  This course will introduce musical Psalmody, discuss some of its history, and sing a few along the way!

Spring 2018

TH2 – Canon: the Origin of the Word
Every time we open our Bible, we are encountered by literature spanning multiple centuries and many genres.  How did the books that we believe to be God’s Word come to be in our Bibles?  Can we trust that they, and none others, are God’s authoritative Word?

BIB2 – 1 Peter
The Apostle Peters writings are coated in Old Testament Scripture.  Almost every verse in his letter carries words of the fulfillment of God’s plan of redemption in Jesus Christ.  This class will work through Peters letter verse by verse.

CL2 – Life Together: the Word in Relationships
We are called to love other people in various ways: as spouses, sons, daughters, parents, co-workers; just to name a few!  God’s Word gives us a high calling to live with others in a godly, Christ-centered way.  Come and see how God’s Word encourages us to grow.