Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Various MEN’S SMALL GROUPS meet throughout the week and are designed to encourage accountability within a framework of personal growth in Christ. Please see one of our Pastors if you are interested in joining one of these small groups.

MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST meets every Tuesday 7:00 AM in the Family Life Center Fellowship Hall. This breakfast is wide open to any man, regardless of church affiliation. All men who seek fellowship with some very regular but compassionate guys for an hour on Tuesday mornings is welcomed and heartily encouraged to come. This is one of the longest running ministries in the church. The men meet for a full, fresh cooked breakfast with pancakes, eggs, muffins, and (of course) fresh Florida orange juice. The men enjoy their breakfast and then have a devotional and a time of sharing and prayer. All men are welcome -no reservations are necessary. Current price for breakfast: your first visit is free, after that we ask for a $3 donation. Any “profit” over expenses is then donated to other ministries, such as the Lake Wales Care Center.

History of Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Lake Wales has always been sort of a “breakfast town”, where various groups, mostly guys meet to have coffee, and a little something to eat. It’s kind of an informal, relaxing way to start the day.

Perhaps the most unlikely breakfast gathering and the best kept breakfast secret in town happens every Tuesday morning at the Presbyterian Church fellowship hall where for a $3 donation, they’ll argue you can get the best breakfast it town. For starters, there is Florida orange juice and lots of coffee, grapefruit in season and sometimes cantaloupe. Every Tuesday regardless of season, a dozen or so portions of hot, old fashioned oatmeal with raisin is dished out. You’ll have your eggs scrambled (some prefer sunny side up) with sausage or bacon and of course country style cheese grits and biscuits. If you like, and most do, top it off with made from scratch hotcakes with warmed maple syrup or honey. Talk about your “power’ breakfasts—-all of the above and more if you want it—-and you just gotta like the price.

This breakfast deal has been going on for over 30 years, every Tuesday, same time (7 AM), same place—-they never miss. It all started shortly after Pastor Dave Rockness, who retired in 2009 after over 35 years as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian, came to town, and had its beginning as a simple prayer meeting in the church library with Dave and former resident, Don Pollard and Barney Alford. Don and Barney got the idea that a breakfast meeting might attract a few more men. At first they met in local restaurants and then the two guys decided to do their own cooking with Don the lead chef and Barney his faithful assistant. “Feed ’em and they’ll come” said Don and sure enough they did—the group began to grow.

When Don moved away, Barney, well known as the retired Director of Horticulture at Bok Tower became the Executive Chef, His assistant for the past eight years has been Edwin Albritton, long time Lake Walean citrus man. The two reported to the kitchen every Tuesday and begin the magic that results in the all you care to eat $3.00 breakfast. Now these two men were not your standard, run of the mill kitchen help. Both were distinguished veterans of World War II. Barney’s valor in the “Battle of the Bulge” earned him the “Silver Star” as well as a battlefield promotion. Captain Edwin, a navigator on B29’s did considerable flying during the war including ten missions over Japan. Their kitchen understudy, and now a driving force in this ministry, is hardworking Milo Miller. Milo is now ably assisted by other men from the group, showing up at o-dark-hundred to being their preparations. Their customers each Tuesday are men with varied interests who come to enjoy a real man’s breakfast along with fellowship, topical discussion and prayer—feeding hungry bodies and hungry souls as well. They number from 15 to 35 and are from all walks of life and from all parts of the country, but mostly they are just regular guys, thoughtful, caring men who have one thing in common, they are all “believers” or want to be. After a short, meaningful and extremely informal devotional period, the men express their cares and their concerns. One thing is certain, it is very likely that you will walk out of Fellowship Hall on Tuesday mornings feeling very good about having been there. Indeed, the real “power” in the power breakfast is the our Lord and the relationship these men have with each other. When asked, one man stated that the hightlight of these breakfast gatherings is, “the wonderful camaraderie that is so enjoyable, it brings together these fine men who, under God, if you please, care about each other and care about others as well.”