Ekklesia Menu for May 31, 2017

Ekklesia Menu for May 31, 2017

The Ekklesia meal for May 31th:

Fried Chicken & Wings, Corn on the Cobb, Tomato Salad and a roll. Watermelon for dessert. If you prefer, you may choose the Salad Bar instead of the hot meal..

The suggested donation for Ekklesia meals is $5.00 for adults who are having the hot meal or the salad bar; $2.50 for children who are having the hot meal or the salad bar; $1.00 per slice of pizza, with a maximum family donation of $15.00.

Reservations Required

Please be considerate of the kitchen crew and reserve your meal(s) so they know how much food to prepare. You can make your reservations by signing up on the form below or by calling the church office (676-0711) by 10:00 am on Wednesday morning. The meal begins at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Family Life Center.

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