Homestay Opportunity through Warner University

Homestay Opportunity through Warner University

The Tama Sei Program is a mission-based, educational program, where 40 teenage girls travel from their Christian School in Tokyo to Warner University for an opportunity to have a cross-cultural learning experience with our American way of life.

The Homestay experience is an opportunity for the students that come from Japan to witness first-hand our American family life and be part of it for a weekend. Our perception of family is very different from what they have experienced. In Japanese culture, opening your home to them shows them great honor and respect.

The girls love to try our food. They love children and enjoy interacting with them. They observe how the adults interact with the children, with pets and extended family members. The Japanese culture values the family very much, so this is of great interest and fascination.

The main purpose of the homestay is to allow the girls to truly feel part of your family for the weekend. Whatever is the normal routine, they want to participate with you. One of their assignments is to practice their conversational English with native English speakers, so we encourage the families to interact and promote conversation as much as possible.

Most of the girls will use a Japanese-English dictionary to translate phrases and hand gestures will help ease communication. Once the initial introductions are made, it does not take long to feel at ease and really enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in hosting Japanese girls for a weekend this summer, please contact Faith Gallian, or follow the link below. This years weekends are July 21-23 and July 29-30.  If you decide you would like to host a family, please fill out the form HERE.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to partner with Warner University in this amazing ministry opportunity.