Thank You from the Smith’s

Thank You from the Smith’s

To our New FPC Family,

What a joy is has been to settle into our new home with blessings literally surrounding us. We can over use that word, “blessing,” but as far as I’m concerned, if a cupboard full of food (including an abundance of precious snack foods) doesn’t count, then nothing does! You all have been so kind to welcome us with eagerness and excitement. I must say, I also feel the need to apologize for my pathetic showing at the “Not-so Newlywed Game.” We are, without a doubt, the only winners of any gameshow who missed every question.

We are thrilled to be ministering among you, and excited for what we see the Lord is already doing in your midst. Please pray for me as I begin to get a sense and scope of our Discipleship efforts, and seek to exhort us all to following Jesus. He is faithful!

For Rachel and Cecilia, and Rooted In Christ, Mackay


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